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Memories from the past

Caffè Ottolina was founded by Giulio Ottolina in 1948. He was a refined connoisseur, and the creator of the most excellent espresso coffee blends that are available today.

Giulio opened a small shop, in the central and roasted for coffee lovers, bars and local coffee shops. In the ’60s, his son Remo joined the business; in turn, the outreach expanded to customers all around Milan.

Reality of today

Thanks to the advancement in technology, Caffè Ottolina is currently one of the leading roasters in Milan, directly serving more than 800 coffee shops and restaurants, as well as supplying our products to several major restaurant chains around the world.

Over 70 years of experience has helped Caffè Ottolina Spa contribute to a dynamic global market, whilst continuing to maintain traditional values at out core.

Challenges for the future

Over the coming years, Caffè Ottolina aims to maintain its dedication and high standards to keep our blends at the utmost quality. Moreso, establishing its presence in Lombardy region, and offering its outstanding quality and blends to new markets all around the world.

A love story


Each blend attains a unique taste thanks to premium coffee beans roasted according to our traditional values.

To better understand our product let’s get acquainted with green beans, the only precious ingredient in our blends. We buy all our green beans coffee directly from coffee producing countries and thanks to a strict selection of suppliers, we ensure to our clients the best of global production.
Coffee plants grow in the tropical regions on our planet. After the blooming season, the flowers change into green coffee cherries, becoming red when mature. The expert roaster selects the best ingredients by balancing different variables to assure our blends a distinct and familiar taste.
Our expertise in the coffee industry has allowes us to understand the rare and fascinating coffee origins which are the “secret” foundations upon which our blends are made from.
The ancient art of coffee roasting
Roasting coffee excites us. Even though the cycle follows strict parameters, our Master Roaster always monitors the process. Every production batch is validated under strict organoleptic tests to authenticate the final product.
How we preserve the freshness
To ensure that the coffee gets to our clients in its prime condition, it’s important to use the sophisticated packaging techniques to preserve the product. Our production is well organized to pack on demand including having a minimum stock for local clients; while for our international clients, we roast coffee after the order confirmation. This stage help us to preserve better the aroma upon delivery.
No matter how you like your Espresso, you will always need perfect preparation in order to enjoy your coffee. Always remember that brewing is as important as selecting the right beans, careful blending and proper roasting.
All these stages lead to the quality you expect to find in your cup.
The environmentally friendly coffee
In 2007 Caffè Ottolina was the first Italian roaster to offer high quality blends of coffees from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ plantations to the HORECA business.
Our 70 years of experience, together with a selection of the best coffees from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ plantations, birthed our “Rainforest” blends (available in 1 Kg Bags or 250g Tins).
The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working to build strong forests, healthy agricultural landscapes, and thriving communities through creative, pragmatic collaboration. The network ensures high production standard to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods, the Rainforest Alliance conducts scientific research and analyses relevant studies done by other researchers.
ISO 9001:2008
Quality guaranteed
Always keeping up with our ever-changing world, we certified our Quality System to the ISO 9001 standards, obtained since 2008 from the worldwide Swiss Institute SGS, and promptly upgraded to the 2008 version of the regulation. It has been a natural evolution of the activities that enable our company to constantly improve the level of services to our customers.
In 2009 Caffè Ottolina defined policies to certify its company system to the Social Accountability standards. These standards guarantee an ethical production of good and services respecting the work place as a fundamental realization of human rights. Caffè Ottolina Spa extends its commitment to these topics confirming itself as a forerunner.
Supplier quality management system
In 2009, Caffè Ottolina accomplished a new task certifying its production system to the SQMS (McDonald’s Supplier Quality Management System), a food safety certification system to guarantee that every food product is perfectly safe. Caffè Ottolina guarantees that the production system, the supply chain and all the processes comply to the policies defined by the standard.
To offer to our clients a complete and efficient service, Caffè Ottolina provides the advanced facilities in the Horeca sector. Advice from specialists are at your disposal.
Thanks to our partnership with the most important companies in the coffee machines industry, we have chosen the best technology available to fulfil clients’ needs with quality in mind.
Our qualified trainers certified Maestri del Caffè are available for training. You will learn the perfect espresso procedure and aesthetic techniques – including decorating cappuccino.

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